Zazi Vintage - Suzani 406


Suzani is a form of embroidered textile native to Central Asia. Our dreamy Suzani fabrics are all vintage treasures collected in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan and start with a bold textile, enlivened with intricate patterns and rich colours. The fabrics typically feature a cotton or silk base with lush embroidery of silk and wool. 

The patterns reflect common motifs of flowers, animals, vines, and fruits that are local to the areas where they were originally crafted. Not surprisingly, Suzanis were traditionally part of a woman’s dowry to decorate her home.


Each coat is handmade by our partner families in Afghanistan where the Suzani pieces are interwoven with vintage Mongolian sheepskin. Each vintage Suzani is handpicked for its quality and pattern from all across central Asia where each region has brought their own interpretation to the fruitful embroideries. Often the suzani’s will depict pomegranates which are a sign of fertility - which have great significance as Suzanis are traditionally used for dowries.  

Material: 100% vintage Suzani and upcycled sheepskin.

* Please note that the coats are made using 100% vintage materials that have existed for many years. So they may have slight marks and imperfections, carrying with them tales of their past.

**Our coats are perfect for cold weather but not made for heavy rain.


Your custom coat is made by hand and is one of a kind. The estimated production time is 6-8 weeks.

Prices are shown incl. VAT and EU shipping. For non-EU shipping, we charge an additional €20,-. For our custom coats, all sales are final.