Yaxa - The Chahk Blue God of Rain Belt


Chahk is a patron of agriculture and one of the oldest known Maya deities. Chahk is the god of rain and lightening, guiding the water supply that cared for all of the Maya peoples crops. 

Yaxa Size Guidance 

Extra Small: 26-28"
Small:  28-31"
Medium: 32-34"
Large: 34-38"
Extra Large: 36-40"
XX Large: 40-44"

General Belt Information

Size can vary slightly as this is a handmade product.
Over time, leather belts tend to stretch. It’s good to keep in mind that a belt that fits snug initially will likely wear more comfortably down the road.
Product is Unisex.

How It's Made

Every Yaxa belt originates from a traditional Maya textile woven by women in a few artisan communities in Guatemala’s central and western highlands. Our textiles are crafted using original weaving methods that remain largely unaltered since the reign of the Maya civilization. Woven from cotton yarns, the women dye the material using local materials - hibiscus flowers (pink), carrots (orange), quile herbs (green), bark from avocado trees (beige) - to achieve the desired colors.

Giving Back

Your contribution and support of Yaxa will improve conditions for the Maya people. The generous purchase of a Yaxa belt helps fund the mission of the Maya Traditions Foundation

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