Yali - Pink/Yellow Silk Slip-On Dress

Introducing the Yali Silk Slip-On Dresses, launching this summer. The YALI Slip-On is the epitome of traditional elegance that can be paired with scruffy sneakers, velvet slippers, greek sandals or even bare feet for a contemporary streetwear style statement. With double facing fabrics that allow this piece to be worn in two different colors, this will be your new must-have versatile piece.


  • 100% Suzhou Silk
  • Model is 5'11"
  • Dry Clean Only

    Note this product is coming from China.

    Product may take 4-7 business days to be delivered, depending on your location.

    Taxes, Duties and Custom costs may apply once shipped.

    *We do not accept returns on this product


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