Mirimal Gems - Zuni Bear Fetishes


Coral beads with Zuni Carved Bears/fetishes and Turquoise accents.

The Zuni tribe has been making beautiful and meaningful jewelry for over a century. They are especially famous for their detailed stonework, with carved animal fetishes being the most ubiquitous. Since pre-Columbian times, their fetishes have been objects for luck, power, and protection. Legend has it that the animal spirit resides in each fetish. 

The Bear, native to North America, was a very important animal symbol as they are strong, agile, and quick. They represent protection and symbolize courage, physical strength, and leadership. The Bear symbol is sought to signify a good omen and project authority. Some North American tribes would also have two warriors known as the Grizzly Bears warriors that would be the first strike the enemies in battle.

The Eagle signifies courage, wisdom, and strength. It is a highly sought symbol for Native Americans as it is believed to serve as the messenger between the mortal and the Creator - carrying prayers to the Great Spirit.

Materials: coral, turquoise, unakite