Mirimal Gems - Sunface Zuni


Zuni Sunface Pin and Pendant with Coral seed beads.

The pendant is by the authentic Zuni artist Eddie Edankie. It is made in sterling silver with mother of pearl, turquoise, black onyx, and coral. Signed in the back “Eddie Edankie” “Zuni”.

In North American history, the Sunface represents the sacred Sun Father. It is an ancient symbol of the Zuni tribe recognizing that the Sun's energy and warmth can sustain life, promotes growth, and ushers joy and prosperity to the people. 

The Sunface symbol is round depicting the Sun with a forehead split down the middle to reflect the everlasting balance between Sunrise and Sunset. Rectangular eyes and round mouth complete the face, and the whole is encircled by feathers that radiate outward like sun rays.

Circa 1980s

Materials: coral, sterling silver, mother of pearl, coral, turquoise, onyx