Mirimal Gems - Crystal


Rock Crystal Quartz beads centering a Red Tibetan Brass Inlay Mosaic Horn Pendant.

Ancient Greek sage Theophrastus gave the name Rock Crystal to this stone. It originates from Greek “crystallos” (κρύσταλλος) - meaning ice formations that are created with time by immeasurable pressure of glaciers. Homer in his Iliad uses the same term. Only in 17th century the well-known Irish physicist Robert Boyle finally and precisely defined Rock Crystal as a mineral.  Ancient Romans used Rock Crystal for making jewelry, stamps, and vases. Ancient Greeks believed that Gods drink ambrosia and nectar from Crystal goblets. Greeks used Rock Crystal to light the Olympic flame.

Rock Crystal represents chastity, purity of thoughts, innocence, modesty, and fidelity. 

The large pendant is made of Tibetan brass that was inlaid in mosaic style with red accents. 

Materials: rock crystal quartz, brass coral inlay, silver closure