Marie Laffont - Georgia Bianca x Gabrielle Vassallo


Collaboration - Marie Laffont x Gabrille Vassallo
Parisian native, New York-based shoe designer, Marie Laffont, has teamed up with mixed-media artist, Gabrielle Vassallo, on a limited-edition capsule that gives a refresh to Marie Laffont's core shoe styles.

Since the inception of her namesake shoe collection, Marie Laffont, has been committed to being eco-conscious without sacrificing luxury and style.
She's continuously exploring new ways of incorporating sustainability practices and produces her collections using 80% recycled materials from old shoe soles. When she was thinking of what to do with the inventory she had left of last season's shoes, out of respect for her intimate team of Italian shoemakers who worked meticulously on each shoe that is produced, Marie collaborated with friend and artist Gabrielle Vassallo to see how the pair could reinvent the styles into something new for her customers.
Now, she breathes new life into previous inventory of two of her core classics, the Georgia Bianca and Madison Boat, with the help of Gabrielle Vassallo's custom hand-painted designs.
The partnership has resulted in an upcycling of beautifully revitalized shoes that are special and uniquely designed for the wearer who appreciates dedicated craftsmanship and artistic sensibilities. The 11 piece capsule of upcycled Marie Laffont shoes by Gabrielle Vassallo retail for US$910,00. 

About the artist
Gabrielle Vassallo (b.1994) is a multimedia artist, based in New York City.

Vassallo grew up in La Jolla, California where she began practicing art. Through private lessons, she learned several mediums of art, including drawing, painting, pottery, and ceramics, with a dual focus in art history. Her exposure to such rigorous classes at a young age was a huge catalyst to start teaching, herself.

In Brooklyn, Vassallo teaches high school art classes for The Winchendon School, where she hones in on student portfolio preparation for college applications. She also teaches an after school program for elementary school students through the CDSC (Child Development Support Corporation).
In her early years living in New York, she spent most of her time working for Ralph Lauren which played a part in her intrigue for authentic Americana. Along with her time spent there, Vassallo aspired to bridge the gap between artists and patrons, creating a platform to do just that.  artBOOM was founded in 2017 as an initiative connecting under appreciated artists around the world through social media. Group pop-up style shows would be hosted and artists had the opportunity to send multidisciplinary work to be featured in shows in New York, curated by Vassallo. It was briefly put on pause, but had a resurgence with a project called Everyone’s Friend. Still focusing on community, artists have the opportunity to submit their work, versus being scouted.

The Southern California influence, along with frequent travels to Texas and Mexico, opened her imagination to the vast and romantic topography of the Southwest. Vassallo’s work embodies the ruggedness of life outdoors, with a nostalgia for it’s calmness and beauty.

Her work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in San Diego and New York City.

About the shoes

Made from exceptionally soft white velukid suede paired with a trendy pony hair toe and Marie Laffont’s signature studs, hand screwed on grosgrain ribbon. This shoe is made for summer and the type of woman who likes to stand out in a crowd.

  • White velukid suede
  • White nappa leather tongue
  • Brown pony toe
  • Black glitter accent on a heel
  • Signature studding
  • Handcrafted in Italy 

*Note: Customization is available for specific style that is not available in your size* 

    Product may take 5-7 business days to be delivered, depending on your location.

    Taxes, Duties, and Custom costs may apply once shipped.