Maison Alma - Caribe Coat

  • Kimono Wrap Coat
  • Hand embroidered in Colombia
  • 100 % polyester
  • dry clean only

Print: This design is an hymn to the caribbean coast. As golden as the sun that bathes this beautiful land. As vibrant and dominant, energy seems to emmanate from within. Beautifully intricate parrots and tucans, stand mesmerized on a neutral beige, that serves to accentuate the vibrant mustard backdrop. When unlined, the reverse of this jacquard is a textile jewel: red and orange stripes show the intricacy of the woven fabric and make this coat wonderful inside out. - CARIBE : CARIBBEAN-

Cut: The Kimono Wrap Coat -Full length, Invisible side pockets, removable belt. This coat can be UNLINED, to show the beautiful reverse of this double woven jacquard, or lined in silk.

About your piece: The Caribe coat makes part of out TIMELESS CLASSIC collection. Always available for order, this piece has no seasons. This print is one of the easiest pieces to pair with any wardrobe: the perfect complement of for a daytime rendez vous, as well as a statement coat for the evening. This Maison Alma object, is crafted entirely by hand by master tailors in Bogota, Colombia.

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