Iacobella - Nirmala Leaves Brown Leather

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The NIRMALA bucket bag is IACOBELLA’s signature creation. It’s made from brown vegetable-tanned leather, and lined with suede. Its embellished with a CRYSTAL QUARTZ stone that doubles as an enclosure.

NIRMALA originates from Sanskrit, meaning one’s truest form and their pure inner light. Like NIRMALA, a crystal has the ability to absorb light and keep it within.

H 25 cm x L 22 cm STRAP Length 60 cm

Outer shell: Brown, 100% Vegetable tanned leather
Lining: 100% Suede
Crystal: Crystal Quartz stone

Our bags are handcrafted using genuine leather. Like all natural materials, leather reacts to the atmosphere. Humidity rain and sunlight can damage leather. Should the leather get wet please absorb the water quickly with a dry cloth.


Note this product is coming from Italy. 

Product may take 4-6 days to be delivered depending on your location.

Taxes, Duties and Custom costs may apply once shipped.