De Castro - Campo Dress


De Castro started in 2017 in Jaipur with the support of Sanjay and Samir Kasliwal (owners of The Gem Palace) and is today Parampara’s private label.

De Castro is a fusion of Virginia’s origins in Colombia and elements and fabrics from India. It focuses on creating a relaxed silhouette using the most ancestral textiles from India, like the Khadi and Ikat. All made by artisans with the purest fibers of cotton and silk, breathable fabrics, “easy-to-travel-and-live-in silhouettes”.
The Brand is known for its delicate embroidery, impeccable finishes, and beautiful design details as carve buttons, hand painted Buckets, hand stitch outfits, and mixing of crafts. 



  • Double Ikat 
  • Handloom fabric 100% cotton 
  • Machine embroidery 

    Note this product is coming from india. Please allow 10-14 business days for shipping depending on your location.