Clementina Sketchbook - Enchanted Garden Stationary Cards


Elegantly enchanted by the lively wonders of the garden. Give your message to the ladybugs, bees and butterflies flying around in this timelessly romantic stationery set. Perfect also as post-wedding thank you cards.


  • 10 cards and envelopes per set.
  • Printed from original hand painted artwork by Clementina herself.
  • A6 size cards printed double-sided, 350gsm textured paper
  • C6 Envelopes with Light Beige tissue paper lining


  • Personalize it! With orders over 5 sets you can add your name and font.
  • 50 cards and envelopes
  • Personalizations with your name are available in Lush Green either in CS Calligraphy, CS Font or Digital Font.

Based in London, please allow 8 days to process your order and expect 3-5 business days to deliver.

If you wish to personalize it (minimum of 5 sets), please email:
Cards with personalization are delivered 3-4 weeks after your purchase.
Shipping cost from the UK to the US - $35