Work With Us

We are dedicated in expanding the retail event boundaries with innovative concepts, providing clients with a full spectrum of services and consultation. 

Are you looking to revamp your retail space? 

As curators and consultants, we source, set up, work with designers and organize unique events to transform your retail space into a place of discovery, changing the way your customers shop into a more interpersonal experience. 

Whether it’s a new location or theme, we emerge technology, originality and lots of creativity. 

We value diversity, inclusion, like minded creators and through story-telling, we promote a vision that allows customers to feel inspired and always linger awhile.

Are you looking to collaborate? 

We have collaborated in joint Pop Up ventures with an array of brands such as Theory, Rebecca de Ravenel, Land of Belle, Markarian, Paravel, Le Lion, Rosewater House, Magnetic Midnight, Falke, Assouline, & Destination Haus.

Whether it’s curating your next pop-up store or organizing your next event, the RAC team is at your beckon call. 

Co-Designing an article of clothing? We have collaborated with numerous designers to create limited and exclusive pieces. 

We are always open to new ideas and we’d love to hear yours!

Make sure to contact us if you are interested in working with us on our next pop up! 

Are you interested in selling at RAC? 

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