What We Do


Founded in 2015 by Sabrina Burda and Noelle Pallais in NYC, Random Acts of Creativity features diverse goods from independent artists & designers, with the mission to source from around the world. Fostering a slow fashion mindset, RAC believes in transforming the way we shop into a more conscious and interactive experience that inspires shoppers to linger awhile. Whether it’s a handmade jacket from Afghanistan or a woven handbag from Colombia, made with love and expertise at the hands of the artisan, each piece tells a different story. 


Showcased like a gallery with different themes and storytelling, RAC is a place for discovery and originality of limited craftsmanship, where fashion, art, and home goods are fused together. By empowering small businesses and giving them a place to thrive, RAC brings customers and designers together to celebrate each other as part of a global community that truly supports one another. 


“Fashion isn’t just frocks, it’s how we do our houses, our gardens, it’s what we eat and drink.”

- Grace Coddington (The Economist)