Sabrina Burda is a passionate event planner and art enthusiast. Inspired by her great grandmother's timeless elegance and legacy with Burda Moden, she has an eye and thirst for the creative world. 

Noelle Pallais is an energetic fashion and cultural lover. With a great desire to travel and discover new worlds, she adds a touch of impeccable style inspired by her Peruvian heritage, wherever she goes. 

Sabrina Burda and Noelle Pallais grew up in NYC and came together as two family friends with a common goal, to make retail an original and fun experience. Sharing a passion for traditions and an artistic vision where minimalism meets eccentricity, they so well define what “the classical bohemian” means to them. Their effortless and eccentric lifestyle coexists in what they wear, what art pieces they love and how they style their homes.

Through their pop-ups, events, and their ability to bring people together, they have formed a global creative community.