Valentine's Day Edit

If you're simply just, the "not a Hallmark girl" or "don't really do Valentine's Day", this year, we believe there is no excuse but to cheer up and be thankful to be alive, so if we can suggest a few things: call your girlfriends, set up a zoom call and make sure to cheers to love.

Grab your favorite sparkly dress and save the heels for another night (let's be honest, no one sees your chic velvet slippers from zoom anyways). If you've already escaped  to a resort somewhere, grab your Fisch swimsuit, heart sunglasses and Agua Bendita pareo for a chic walk on the beach. If you're just trying to stay cozy in a cabin somewhere upstate with your partner, make sure to cook a delicious, surprise breakfast in bed (or have them) and you can just snooze and put on your hill house mask, and say no more! 

There is no reason why Valentine's this year should be at all blue, but if you're simply just not into red, here's a few blue pieces to keep you cheerful inside. 

Ps. don't forget to say thank you!