Rosewater House

What is your Random Act of Creativity?

RosewaterHouse is run by a family of multigenerational Persian women. Founded by sisters Roshanak Varasteh & Negar Varasteh and Roshanak’s youngest daughter, Leily Amirsardary Ahmed. 

"The Label started out as a passion project and that passion has been the driving force behind everything we have been working on. RosewaterHouse was born from the love for our heritage, our culture and our family."

The collective design process helps RosewaterHouse bring the rich history of Middle-Eastern craftsmanship together with contemporary design. Working closely with these artisans helps them learn more about the history of the craft, as well the history of the region, inspiring how the collections come to life.

What is your creative Mission?

Our creative mission is to empower & connect women over timeless, soulful design. We work with artisans around the Middle East to help them preserve their craft and their cultural heritage, merging traditional craft techniques with contemporary design.

The Middle East has so much culture, talent and creative potential that does not receive the credit and support it should. We hope we can play a small part in empowering these women and artisans to tell their story & share their craft across all borders.