What is your Random Act of Creativity?

Mirta is an aggregator of creativity, founded in Milan by Ciro Di Lanno and myself, Martina Capriotti. We were working around the world as consultants when we realized that the Made in Italy had the potential to be brought in the international sphere. The creativity of Italian artisans is a long history of passion, tradition, expertise that is worth bringing around the world. Every piece produced by the hands of an artisan tells the story of our country.

What is your creative mission? 

To give Italian artisans enough room and visibility in the international markets. We want to give our clients the possibility to get to know the face, story, and name of the person that is behind the product and thus to touch by hand the work and expertise passed on through generations. Mirta's mission is to bring a piece of Italy around the world and to value the excellence and uniqueness of Made in Italy creations.

 - "We are here to handmake the future"