Magnetic Midnight

What is your Random Act of Creativity?

MAGNETIC MIDNIGHT is an evening accessories brand by designer Lucia Echavarria. Imagined as unique statement pieces that reflect a modern aesthetic imbued with a love for tradition and craftsmanship each piece is beautifully handmade in Colombia. The magnetic midnight hour differs from conventional midnight. It is the time of day when the Magnetic Poles align between the sun and an observer standing on the earth’s surface. It is the optimum time for viewing auroras. Magnetic Midnight headpieces similarly differ from conventional headwear, shining best and attracting all observers, like the auroras, during the late magnetic midnight hours.

What is your creative mission?

We believe in supporting traditional Colombian crafts and pushing the boundaries of how different crafts can be combined in unusual ways, exploring materials and their possibilities and working alongside artisans to push the boundaries of their vast knowledge and skill. Made out of woven palm leaf and dipped in 24k gold each piece takes between two to four weeks to make and requires a long fabrication process involving specialized artisans in different parts of the country.