Los Vasos De Agua Clara

LOS VASOS DE AGUA CLARA was born in Barcelona in 2018 when Clara Riera and Maite López-Fonta, two childhood friends, decided to turn their passion for crafts and their appreciation for the unique into a collection of glassware painted exclusively by hand.
Travel, the Mediterranean, and nature influence their designs, and inspiration always comes to them while they are working in the workshop, playing with colors and mixing pigments.  Lovers of the “Slow-Made”, they experiment with brushstrokes and techniques to give each of their glassware exclusivity.  
Their mission is to create personalized glassware that embarks one on a voyage each time they are set on a table and used. Exquisite pieces painted by them in their workshop, one at a time, paying special attention to each detail bringing a new meaning to receiving at home.

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