Cut + Clarity

What is your Random Act of Creativity?

Cut + Clarity was founded in 2018 in NYC focusing on the intersections of sustainability, social impact and women’s empowerment.

What is your creative mission?
Our creative mission is to have beautiful jewelry be a vehicle for the change we want to see. This materializes itself in:

1.  How we treat our environment -we use recycled metals/ethical stones

2. How we treat our community -we produce locally in NYC creating jobs for our local artisans / we feature real women doing amazing things that uplift each other

3. Changing consumer behavior -steering clear of the fast fashion business model, we focus on made to order, zero waste product by inviting the customers to express themselves and customize their jewelry so that each piece represents the core of who they are. 

"I'm always doing that which I cannot do in order to learn how to do it.” Pablo Picasso. This really inspires me when faced with new challenges.