About RAC



Random Acts of Creativity is a unique and ever-changing retail experience and platform based in NY since December 2015, founded by Sabrina Burda & Noelle Pallais. The carefully curated nomadic storefronts feature a selection of young designers, artists, and our own collected treasures from around the world. 

As creators ourselves from different cultural backgrounds, we share a common artistic vision in which minimalism meets bohemian eccentricity, inspiring to change the way we shop into a more interactive global experience, and thus creating a lifestyle. Our objects are displayed thematically through the eyes of the wanderlust traveler.

We are treasure hunters, who yearn for a place that promotes and exhibits young talents with a common goal to recognize authenticity and represent the soul behind each work. 

You can shop our worlds and uncover hidden cultural gems in the form of significant objects made with love and expertise at the hands of the artisans.


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