What is your Random Act of Creativity 

VienSo is a London-based contemporary womenswear label founded by creative duo Virginia Achenza and Sol Matossian in October 2019.

Like all great ideas, VienSo was launched over late night drinks. Bonding over a shared love for fashion, nightlife, and travel, Virginia and Sol wanted to capture the elegance of their grandmothers; the style icons that inspire them. With the belief that luxury does not have to be unattainable they set about bringing their vision to life. VienSo aims to evoke a mood rather than capture a trend: with the VienSO woman being the heartbeat of any occasion. Made in Spain and prioritizing quality over quantity; each garment is an edition of 24. The strategy was applied to preserve a sense of uniqueness and exclusivity. 

What is your creative mission?

The VienSo ethos is rooted in heritage and longevity. The Two, our first collection, is transitional and designed not for a specific season, but rather to take the wearer from day into night. Instilled in the collection is a touch of nostalgia for a time of elegance and daring chicness. Each piece was conceived to be a collectable item, strong enough to stand on its own but equally potent when combined.

“Creativity takes courage” by  Henri Matisse