What is your Random Act of Creativity? 

Vernisse is a contemporary luxury brand founded in 2019 to celebrate tailor made garments and vintage textiles. Francesca Filipo and Eugenia Penta collect fabrics, trims and objects from the past, working with vintage and antique dealers around Italy and Europe to create one-of-a-kind garments.

Each Vernisse piece has a timeless soul and is tailor made in Italy with several stages of production made by hand, including fabric cutting and the sewing of buttons and labels. The brand philosophy is to create garments that can be passed down through generations, far from usual trends.


What is your creative Mission?

Our mission is to breathe new life into vintage and antique fabrics, combining timeless designs and modern femininity.

We are committed to spreading a culture of sustainability: from materials sourcing to manufacturing processes, we pass on the message that investing in quality is important for our planet.