What is your Random Act of Creativity?

Verdi is a Colombian textile studio that, honoring a family heritage, reinvents traditional techniques to create homeware, fashion & art pieces.  Carlos Vera Dieppa, father of founders Tomás and Cristina Vera, was a Colombian textile pioneer who developed a technique that allowed him to create a rug unique in its class. By perfecting this technique, he had the idea of merging natural fibers with metals, creating a groundbreaking concept within the textile universe. After his passing in 2010, Carlos Vera Dieppa’s creative legacy passed onto his children, who carry the passion for art and design in their veins, and who later decided to create a business honoring their father’s legacy in order to carry on his name, VERDI (VERa DIeppa).

What is your creative mission?

Reinterpreting traditions by combining natural fibers with contemporary materials to weave home, fashion, and art pieces. By creating handmade textiles with artisanal heritage, we elevate our unwavering belief that exceptional, sustainable craft is today’s ultimate luxury.

“Today, sustainability should be a given. Not precisely an additional “feature” you’re allowed to feel proud of. My hope is that someday, Colombian design will not only be recognized for its craft and uniqueness but also for its inclusivity and sustainability, for how every Colombian designer takes it one step further to really help out his or her community. This is one of the core values that VERDI wishes to represent and the ultimate goal it wishes to pursue.” – Tomás Vera