Thelma & Leah

What is your Random Act of Creativity?
I (Leah de Wavrin) founded Thelma & Leah when my daughter Thelma was born in 2017. It started of as Childrenswear, then I went into womenswear and I decided to settle for loungewear. I lived in India for 6 months when Thelma was little and was inspired by literally everything there. Fabrics, colours, food, music, people, animals, Jewelry. And I still am very much so. I am more of a summery girl, so anything colourful and tropical is my cup of tea. I love textures too, the fabric quality and feel is very important to me. I feel Indian cotton has that very special touch. I love working with India, I miss going there with Covid. And I have to say it drives me mad when I’m there but boy I miss it! You wake up in India and you love it, you go to bed sometimes hating it, but you wake up and love if all over again! I love the traditional use of colours and block printing, which is very much part of the brands identity 
What is your creative mission?
My dream is to make T&L entirely sustainable. We are far from that yet. Finding the right fabrics, producers, recycled buttons, way of using less cotton, etc. It takes time and a lot of money. We are all educating ourselves at T&L to be better. Eventually we will be the sustainable pyjama empire we thrive to be.
Watch this space! 
 “Of all the things that I lost, I miss my mind the most” Mark Twain
Thelma & Leah