Mirimal Gems

What Is my Random Act of Creativity?  

Mirimal Gems by Mirella Alexiou is a handmade jewelry collection of semi-precious stones and other natural and ethically-sourced material. Mirella started creating her brand in her native country, Greece, in 2016. Her family has been involved in the jewelry industry in AthensGreece for over 70 years, giving Mirella a hands-on experience with sourcing the finest gemstones and understanding the art of carefully stringing distinctive necklaces that will last a lifetime. Her creativity ambitions received another jolt when she discovered the culture of Native Americans and the awe inspiring pieces they created from the landscape. Mirella incorporated this ancient form of jewelry making blending two worlds to create something truly unique. 

What is my Creative Mission?  

Mirella’s mission is to tell the stories of each piece, centered around each amulet or gemstone and the statement they make. Crafting her pieces with the utmost respect to the different cultural styles that exist across the globe and nature, her pieces speak to the hopes and desires of the person wearing them. Overall, Mirella wants to empower women to think differently and see the world for all the opportunities that it holds. It may seem random, but creating such beautiful pieces brings order to the chaos of nature. 

“the best things in life are still made by hand”.

Mirimal Gems