Laia Alen

What is your Random Act of Creativity?

LAIA ALEN is a personal project that started in Barcelona (Spain) in 2018. By combining vibrant fabrics, we started creating our first iconic bags which we decided to call “bolsitos”. Also,We have developed some iconic silhouettes such us our Bernatta bag.
In 2021, we launched our first knitwear collection. The
founder, Laia Alentorn, is the fourth generation of a Catalan family dedicated to knitwear.

She always wanted to create his own project and it seemed the perfect timing. The brand captures the essence from the legacy and know how of
many generations passioned about textiles.


What is your Creative Mission?

Our collections are thought for those who value craftmanship and unique pieces.
Every garment has a process behind between 2 and 5 hours of craftmanship work.

We aim to create modern, wearable pieces meant to be collected in time. We are
passioned about color and about mixing and matching. Also,
We hunt unique or vintage pieces for the final touches,  in order to add a cool vibe to our clothes.
Therefore, every garment is deeply thought in order to make it last forever.

Laia Alen