What is your Random Act of Creativity?
G.VITERI is an Ecuadorian handmade accessories brand founded in 2011. We specialize in toquilla straw hats, bags and home accessories.
We believe in the continuous appreciation of unique crafts in a world of mass production through skillfully 100% handmade pieces.

Its founders, Gabriela Viteri and Roberto Bolona, recognized a need to start making better, more informed choices in their everyday lives – including fashion – to reduce our consumption footprint and improve other people’s living conditions. That’s where G.VITERI comes in, mixing sustainability with luxurious, fun design. G.VITERI is our way to help hard-working artisans and the environment.
What is your creative mission?
We are committed more than ever to create high quality pieces that endure through time and to continue supporting Ecuadorian women living in rural communities.
Our motto is: Indulge in fashion you can feel good about!
"One day at a time"