What is your Random Act of Creativity?

The world of Flabelus is a world filled with literary characters in the form of clothing and shoes. We draw inspiration from classic literature to tell the brand's story. Our products are inspired by great women of letters who embody the emancipatory spirit of Flabelus 

Centenary Spanish techniques: the basis, A commitment to local culture

We work with Spanish craftsmen who are experts in espadrille stitching, and we use this stitching as the flagship symbol of our collections.

We offer classic, comfortable and versatile shoes that enhance and complete the wardrobe of women and men. These shoes combine the best of two worlds: the elegance and comfort of timeless footwear and the strength and quality of centuries-old Spanish shoe-making techniques.

What is your Creative Mission?

The ecosystem at the heart - Coexistence between social and environmental sustainability.

We like to be and work hand in hand with our hard working shoe artisans, without them Flabelus would not be possible. We have opted for a working method that gives priority to craftsmanship and quality.

We choose the materials for our collections very carefully, being materials developed in a sustainable way (recycled in a higher or lower percentage and/or organic) in Europe, because we are committed to a local production chain where we know all the links, from the producers of the raw material to the factory. Our producers follow the European directives. They also have certifications that guarantee their excellent work in terms of environmental protection. We also take great care with the packaging, which is recycled.

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