Beltei Studio

What is your Random Act of Creativity?

Balteī Studīo is a brand of leather belts designed and manufactured in Spain. Balteī comes from the word balteus , from the Latin. Originally, the term referred to a cord that was used as an insignia in the Roman military ... hence its translation today is "belt". Our roots are in the Latin culture - Spain, France, Italy… we were born in the heart of Europe, in the cradle of design and product.

What is your Creative Mission?

The spirit of Balteī Studīo is reflected in an obsession with the product: leather pieces made in Spain, the country that has put the most affection, care and effort into the manufacture of leather goods for decades, leather pieces created to pass from generation to generation .

For this reason, we work inspired by our roots and our culture, seeking every day to create unique, durable and exceptional quality garments.

Behind Balteī Studīo we are two women. We have come together to make this project a reality by getting in touch with great artisans in our country at a key moment to continue supporting the local industry. 

Beltei Studio