Bazaar Crafts

What is your Random Act of Creativity?

I am born and raised in Marrakesh aka "The Red City" and I have always been inspired by the Moroccan architecture, the culture, food and patterns of Morocco, but it is the Moroccan color palette and the Women Artisans I work with that clearly inspire me the most. 

Made with love and a passion for great design. BazaarCrafts is born out of my deep love and appreciation for Morocco, the products are inspired by local cultural traditions and made using sustainable practices. All the items are carefully curated to showcase the true essence of Morocco, and any of the pieces will add a genuine splash of warmth and color to your home. 


What is your creative mission?

BazaarCrafts is committed to protecting Moroccan Culture, preserving beautiful traditions and techniques, ethically creating products from natural materials, and improving the quality of the artisans’ lives. A vision created by showcasing ancestral skills. Every unique piece is handmade with pure love and wisdom, passed down from influential ancestors so their family members can share their own vision and beautiful stories by creating art. Each piece is incredibly unique and made with eco-conscious practices. 

Building the business model on the handmade, values our products and expose their authenticity. Behind every BazaarCrafts piece is an Artisan and their story, and that’s what we are trying to put forward. It’s this tradition of weaving passed from mother to daughter for year that needs to be highly valued and shared with people.

"The only contribution that we will ever make in this world will be born out of our creativity"- Brene Brown. 

Bazaar Crafts