A di Gaeta

What is your Random Act of Creativity?

A di Gaeta is a Milanese atelier that aims to be more than just another fashion brand - our mission is to create a unique space where beauty and functionality come together to create extremely versatile products. A design that is constantly renewed, giving voice to a new creativity, which does not betray the identity of the woman but rather helps her find the right balance between desire and need.

A di Gaeta is a new idea of 'shoe tailoring', designed to meet the lifestyle and needs of the modern woman. Our first collection was launched at the end of the year 2020, to send out a message of rebirth and positivity a!er a year that made us question many certainties and see life from a different perspective.

What is your creative mission?

A di Gaeta blossoms from real women.
We blend style and functionality to voice modern femininity. Our
tailor-made footwear is created to be versatile, lasting yet innovative with a timeless soul.
In other words, we entwine desire and need.

We dont simply design beautiful objects - we concentrate on how consumers relate to products, envisioning simple solutions that respond to everyday needs.”

Real luxury today, is being able to tailor products to our lives. At the heart of our company lies the making of innovative pieces that can be timeless and versatile, in a more resource efficient and economically viable way. This is why our aesthetic is not trend-driven, but rather focused on design innovation and quality. Thanks to structural variables (Add-On Accessories), our products can seamlessly transform into something completely different according to the day’s needs.

“For us, the essence of sustainability is longevity.”

The creation of long-lasting and versatile products that can be worn for more than just a few seasons. A di Gaeta strongly believes in adopting a value strategy that enhances product life expectancy, encouraging consumers to buy fewer objects but ones that last longer and can be used and reused.

Entirely thought, designed, and handmade in Italy.

"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans." -John Lennon

A di Gaeta